:: Biography ::

Ikhaan (a.k.a. Nicolas Quaegebeur) arrived wih the era of numeric photography but quickly decided to go back to the old ages of films and chemistries. Firstly using dark room manipulations and creative super-positions, then with the collaboration of photographers from all around the world (Swiss / Thailand / Sweden / India)… Fear of pixels or nostalgia? Just the aim to preserve the vision of this art that required time and patience… But the law of the evolution follows its path and the numeric manipulations and explosive colors are now part of the work of this photographer who chose Sherbrooke (QC) as its adopted city.

:: Equipment ::

I use my old Bronica SQ-A (6×6) for most of the shots taken after 2008. I mostly use B&W films (Ilford) and a 40 mm 1:4 or a 150 mm 1:4 lens. All my films are then processed in dark room for better control… The process can be sometimes very long but is constant ! Argentic photography rules :) Before that, most of my photos were taken using a Fujica AZ-1 (35 mm) or my Lomo LC-A (35 mm)… I used to like cross-processing (E-6 rolls processed in C-41) but it’s now impossible to realize that in Sherbrooke where I actually live… So expired color films are used as my new favorite source for double exposures !